Friday, June 22, 2007

New portraits....finally

We've been meaning to do this I think now for six months (when A turned 4). We finally found out that Kiddie Kandids takes stinking appointments now (why they haven't done this in the last 4 four year is beyond us!) and we got one today. The boys were pretty good. N has this personality that he'll decide when he's good and ready and you can't trick him into anything. A and T were really cute guys though. A was really funny for the group shots. He couldn't wait to put the old strangle hold (also known as a brotherly hug) on his bros. All in all they turned out great. We still need to talk to Larry and see if she can do our family some time this summer. We love her pics on her blog!


metromut said...

nice pictures, handsome boys. i think you should have stuck it out for a thomas the train burger.

nettifer said...

What adorable kids! Those pictures turned out really cute! I can't believe how different they all look from each other!